Fight the Flu With Walk-In Treatment Only a Short Drive From Waterford, MI

Child in bed with blanket pulled up and hand over mouth as though coughing as a medical professional in scrubs places hand on foreheadInfluenza is a nasty virus that doesn’t fight fair. It invades your body via tiny airborne particles that can’t be seen. It takes advantage of your natural need to breathe as well as your usually harmless habits like rubbing your nose, eyes, and mouth. And then, wham! Before you know what’s happening, you’re waking up with a sore throat, body aches, a stuffy nose, and a fever. You don’t feel like getting out of bed, much less driving to your doctor’s office or the emergency room where you know you’ll face a miserably long wait for flu treatment, all because a virus snuck up on you without an appointment.

Fortunately for kids and adults in Waterford, Michigan, the flu fighters at Springfield Urgent Care are armed and ready to help you vanquish the flu. We offer walk-in flu testing and treatment at our White Lake urgent care location from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, including Saturday and Sunday. Our wait times are short, our rates are affordable, and we also accept many health insurance plans. For all these reasons, we’re a better alternative to the ER whenever you need flu treatment or non-emergency medical attention for a different type of illness.

Additional Reasons Why We’re Your Top Option for Flu Treatment

Springfield Urgent Care is well staffed by compassionate and highly qualified medical practitioners who hate the flu as much as you do. We’ll use our in-house lab testing equipment to make sure your symptoms are caused by an influenza virus and not some other sneaky microbe, like the virus that causes COVID-19. Then, if testing reveals that you have a flu infection, we’ll provide you with an effective flu treatment plan that may include antiviral medication to help reduce the severity of your symptoms and speed your recovery.

What’s more, we can help you bolster your family’s defenses before influenza strikes with flu shots—available any day of the week with no appointment required.

Do you have questions about the walk-in flu treatment and flu-related services available at Springfield Urgent Care near Waterford? Contact us today, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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