A urinalysis is a medical screening of the contents of a patient’s urine. Urine tests are used to detect a range of disorders, conditions and even pregnancy. Urine tests are easy to perform, and you can be assured that you’ll receive quick, accurate results at our facility in Springfield Township. Once you receive your results, one of our staff members will be able to assist you with coordinating the next steps of treatment.

Why are Urine Tests Done?

  • Urine tests can be used to screen your overall health, or if your doctor finds it wants to look further into your health based on symptoms you notice for any underlying disorders.
  • Urinalysis can also be used to diagnose a medical condition or presence of a drug/substance.
  • Urine tests may be done as a way to monitor conditions such as kidney disease or a urinary tract infection.

Urine Test Results

While a urine test does not always provide absolute results. However, it does provide a good indicator of whether or not further testing is necessary. Depending on your results, one of our physicians may recommend that you have a follow-up appointment to discuss the findings or perform more tests. The lab technician performing the test may even be able to determine a problem visually or even by the urine’s odor. Another visual indicator of an issue is the presence of blood; this can have a reddish or brown color but should not be mistaken for color influenced by food.

If you have the need for a urine test, contact Springfield Urgent Care today for more information about our testing services available. We offer quick and efficient testing services for personal health and occupational purposes.

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