Just like we evaluate you for the physical purposes of your job, some occupations may require an audio test to make sure that you have the hearing ability to safely operate machinery. The preferred form of testing done for adults is referred to as ‘Pure-Tone’ testing. Springfield Urgent Care offers all kinds of occupational testing to simplify the job onboarding process.

How Does Audio Testing Work?

Having satisfactory hearing in both ears is imperative to an employee being aware on the job, particularly in public transportation occupations. Pure-tone audio examinations are done to gauge just how faded of a tone an individual can recognize. The tones are played in different of pitches in one or both sides of the testing headphones to check the patient’s aptitude in identifying the direction of the sounds. This is done randomly in order to understand a person’s true hearing ability.

For the test, the individual being tested will be asked to wear headphones while the audiologist plays noises in different sides of the headphones. When prompted by a sound, the patient will be asked to point to the side or sides they believe the sound is coming from.

We will provide you with same-day results and documentation to give to your employer. If you are in need of a hearing exam for a job, or for any other reason, contact Springfield Urgent Care today to schedule your examination right here in Springfield Township.

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