What is a Breath Alcohol Test?

A breath alcohol test is used to detect the presence of alcohol in an individual’s system at the time of the test. The person taking the test will be instructed to blow into the breathalyzer and almost instantly a blood alcohol level will appear on the screen. Blood alcohol level is measured in decimals and depending on the situation there may be differences in legal levels. This test will only show the blood alcohol level that exists in the blood at the time the test and does not measure alcohol use in the past.

When do Employers Use Breath or Blood Alcohol Tests?

Depending on the industry, there could be a variety of reasons to test for alcohol use in employees.

U.S. Department of Transportation & Alcohol Testing

Alcohol and drug testing is required by the US Department of Transportation for some occupations and industries before the start date of a position or may even be done randomly.

Industries may include:

  • Trucking
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Pipeline
  • Railroad
  • Transit

The reason for this is that employees in safety-sensitive occupations are a higher risk for putting themselves and others in danger if they are under the influence. For the general public, the legal limit for being considered impaired while driving is .08. A person’s blood alcohol concentration could be lower than that and still be considered impaired.

Pre-Employment Alcohol Screening

Before employment with the US Department of Transportation, it is required that applicants are tested for alcohol as part of pre-employment screening. This testing is required by all applicants and should be completed as part of the post-offer onboarding process along with another occupational testing.

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