During cold season, a sore throat is a pretty common side effect that can be associated with illness’ such as a common cold. However, sometimes a sore throat can be attributed a bacterial infection caused by bacteria called Group A Streptococcus. Strep throat happens when this bacterium causes an infection in the back of the throat and tonsils. Here at Springfield Urgent Care, we offer a rapid test to diagnose strep quickly and get you treatment.

Testing for Strep Throat

The primary way patients are tested for strep is by a throat culture. A throat culture involves swabbing the throat for the presence of the Group A Streptococcus bacteria. The sample is then analyzed under a microscope and the lab will then determine if you do in fact have strep. The test itself is very quick and the results can be returned to you within 20 minutes. This allows our physicians to get you on an antibiotic as soon as possible and feeling better within the following days.

Treating Strep Throat

If it has been determined that you do have strep throat, one of our physicians will most likely prescribe you an antibiotic that will require you to take a pill on a regimented plan for 5-10 days. If you have a known allergy to any antibiotics, make sure you let the doctor and technicians know during your visit. While you wait for your antibiotic to get to work, there are a few things you can do to make you a little more comfortable. Some self-care tips are gargling warm salt water, taking over the counter ibuprofen and lozenges.

If you think you may have strep throat, stop into Springfield Urgent Care today to get a rapid strep test. We pride ourselves on quick service and quick results, right here in Springfield Township.

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