Before your child can attend camp, they might need a camp physical. Camps often involve your child staying the night away from home and some can be physically demanding. Having a camp physical can help ensure your child is in good health to prevent any injuries or conditions that can occur at camp.

What is a Camp Physical?

A camp physical is a health assessment of your child to ensure they are well enough to attend camp. This might be a day camp, sleep-away camp, or sports camp and will sometimes require a special physical before attending, depending on what camp your child is going to. Although a camp physical will assess your child’s health, it should not replace a regular trip to your primary care physician.

What to Expect During a Camp Physical

A camp physical might include the following:

  • Medical history review
  • Vitals check
  • Eye and hearing exam
  • Joint and flexibility test

Camp Physical Results

After your child’s camp physical, a physician will provide a summary of the appointment and will point out any conditions detected. The proper treatment must be provided before camp can be attended or necessary precautions must be taken. Many health concerns will not prevent your child from attending camp, but a camp counselor should be made aware of any conditions so they can be prepared. This could include head protection during activity or bringing an inhaler or EpiPen. The summary of your visit will be provided to you along with proof to give to your camp director.

Where to Schedule a Camp Physical

A camp physical can be scheduled with your child’s primary care physician or with a trusted physician at an urgent care near you. If your child needs a camp physical, contact Springfield Urgent Care today!

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