Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance facilitated by state and federal law. It works to protect both you and your employer after a work-related injury. After an injury takes place, the employee is then evaluated and if it has been established that they qualify for this assistance, managing the progress of the injury is important when establishing the length of coverage. Worker’s compensation can get rather complicated, that’s why Springfield Urgent Care offers workers compensation injury management to make the whole process easier for you.

What is Workers Compensation Injury Management?

Worker’s compensation injury management is the process of medical treatment and communication that comes after an employee has been deemed eligible for worker’s compensation. Our goal is to make a typically complex situation easier by handling the communication between our physicians and whoever is handling your case. With this facilitation taken care of, you can simply focus on recovery. This process helps to keep all parties involved and on the same page. We will handle your care and documentation from the evaluation all the way to your final appointment where you are cleared to go back to work.

If you have been injured at work and need help managing the process, contact Springfield Urgent Care today for information regarding our occupational services available.

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