A TB Test, or a Tuberculosis test is a skin test often required before the start date of an occupation in the medical or government industry. This test is quite simple and can be very convenient when completed at Springfield Urgent Care. Our Staff members with providing you with the proper paperwork, information, and guidance necessary for all of your occupational testing needs.

Why do I Need a TB Test?

The reason many occupations require a TB skin test is to protect you and those who come in contact with you from contracting tuberculosis. Certain industries such as medical or government, involve contact with more people than some jobs in the private sector that doesn’t deal with the general population.

The most important reasons to get tested are:

  • Healthcare employees are more likely to be exposed to someone with Tuberculosis.
  • If you have a weakened immune system or have a condition that causes immunodeficiency; you could be a higher risk of infection.

How is a TB Test Done?

In general, TB tests are performed on the skin. The technician will ask you to turn your arm, exposing the underside of the forearm. The technician will sanitize the testing area and will inject a small amount of the TB antigen. This is placed just under the top layer of the skin and you may notice that the fluid creates a small bump. You will be instructed to leave the area alone and uncovered for 2-3 days. After this time has passed, you will be asked to return, and have it evaluated.

TB Skin Test Results

After the test, some redness at the skin test site is normal. It is important that you do not scratch it because this could disrupt the accuracy of the results. Having redness alone at the test site usually doesn’t mean you have been infected with TB. However, a hard-red bump may mean you have been infected with TB bacteria at some point. The size of the bump will be measured when you return 2 to 3 days after the test to determine your results.

If you just accepted a new job in the medical or government industries and are in need of a Tuberculin skin test, contact Springfield Urgent Care today to learn more about the occupational testing offered here in Springfield Township.

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