OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an organization that regulates and sets standards for medical care facilities. If you work in the medical field, you’ve likely heard of them in training. Due to these regulations, it is important that healthcare professionals are tested to make sure that they have an understanding of how to comply with OSHA. A common requirement for healthcare professionals before hiring is a respirator fit test. A respirator fit testing is done to test if an employee can properly use respirator mask and if it fits their face. This is done to ensure that the employee would know how to use it in an emergency situation.

How Will I be Tested?

When working properly, the mask must be tightly fitted onto the face, creating a tight seal. Without a tight seal, the employee may not be fully protected. While it may seem meaningless, this test is done to prevent accidents in an actual emergency situation. The staff member administering the test will make sure that you have the correct knowledge of how to quickly and safely put the mask on with a tight seal.

Different Types of Testing

The different types of testing are helpful in preparing the employee with understanding the different situations they may need a respirator mask. In qualitative testing, employees are tested for the reaction to a taste or smell that may be leaking into a mask with a weak seal. The results of this test are subjective so sometimes you may be required to do quantitative testing as well. Quantitative testing uses machines to monitor any substances that may be leaking in, which can help administrator report the test results with more accuracy.

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