RSV or respiratory syncytial virus is a viral infection of the respiratory system. This type of infection can start with a common cold and then from there develop into a respiratory infection. Testing is recommended when there has been a known outbreak at your workplace or your children’s school. Respiratory infections can become serious and may even warrant a hospital stay if left untreated.

How do you Test for RSV?

In general, a viral detection test is only done for those who are at higher risk for infection; such as young children, older patients and patients with a weakened immune system. For the test, the doctor or tech will swab the inside of the nasal passages for fluid.

What Should I Do if My Symptoms Do Not Improve?

If the symptoms that you are experiencing do not improve, further testing can be done before further complications begin. If necessary, other measures can be taken such as blood tests in order to examine body chemistry and determine blood oxygen levels. This information will allow our physicians to better treat your symptoms and help you find relief.

If you have common cold symptoms that seem to be getting worse, contact Springfield Urgent Care today to learn more about RSV testing. Getting tested for RSV or other common seasonal illnesses is quick, easy and will help you get the treatment you need faster.

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