Urine drug testing is the most popular form of drug testing for illegal drug use. These tests are easy to complete and effective for screening for drug use. The most common drugs that these tests are used to indicate are cocaine, opiates, hallucinogens, amphetamines, and marijuana.

How is a Urine Testing Done?

Urine testing is established to be the standard for screening job candidates and athletes for illegal drug use. Urine drug testing is also the singular method permitted for federally mandated drug testing. To begin the urine test, you will be asked to remove heavy outerwear such as jackets or baggy sweatshirts. The technician will also ask that you remove everything from your pockets and leave any bags outside of the restroom. The technician will give you a cup to urinate into, with a line indicating where you should fill it to. A specific level is indicated in order for the most accurate testing.

How to Prepare for Urine Testing

Once you have your testing orders, you can come to Springfield Urgent Care anytime to perform the test. If you are currently prescribed any medications that are classified as controlled substances, it is important that you obtain documentation to prove that you have been prescribed any of the medications that may show up in your test. Prescriptions for pain management, as well as ADD and ADHD, often contain parallel substances to the drugs that you are being screened for. Presenting proper documentation for your prescriptions will ensure that your results only reflect recreational drug results.

If you are in need of a quick and convenient urine test, you can trust that Springfield Urgent Care will perform these screenings with efficiency and honesty. Employers and job applicants in the Springfield Township area who need urine testing in order to complete job application process should contact Springfield Urgent Care today for all of your professional testing services.

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