Urgent care centers offer you the required immediate care in case you or a loved one falls ill or suffers from an injury which is not life threatening. These are conditions which cannot wait for a doctor’s appointment and are not grave enough to rush to the emergency room. Springfield Urgent Care in Holly offers unparalleled urgent care in Michigan, bringing together the professionalism and expertise of the emergency room to a relaxed environment that allows you to skip the queues and wait at a hospital. Our registered nurses, paramedics, and licensed radiologists offer quality care and comfort. Patients also choose us for medical tests and digital x-rays, which are prepared by a radiologist within the hour to ensure you get speedy and accurate detection and diagnosis.

Springfield Urgent Care aims at providing our patients in Holly with a healthcare option that is affordable-yet-effective and definitely more convenient than a hospital or walk-in clinic.

Medical Conditions

Our urgent care center in Holly offers a range of treatment for many non-life-threatening medical conditions. You can get prompt attention and care in case of several conditions like cough, cold, fever, migraine and headaches, allergies, insect bites, and sexually transmitted diseases. You may not always be able to wait to get an appointment with your family doctor. At our urgent care center, you get the prompt relief you require. Here are the medical conditions you can get a treatment for:


Sports Injuries

In case you have suffered from a sports injury that is not serious enough for an emergency room visit, our expert team will offer you the care and diagnosis you require. We offer efficient digital x rays and tests through our experienced staff in case you are suffering from a simple fracture, sprain, minor burn, or ingestion of a foreign material. In case any further treatment is needed, we refer our patients in Holly to a nearby hospital. The injuries you can seek a treatment for include:



Occupational Medicine and Work Injuries

Our physicians are trained to help you with any requirements for occupational medicines. The superior care we offer for the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries ensures that you are able to continue your employment without any issues. Our team ensures that it stays up-to-date with all the federal and state regulations for workforce safety and health and this includes information regarding the Department of Transportation, or DoT. Employees in Holly can contact us for these work-related injuries or testing:



Medical Testing

Our state-of-the-art medical tests help our patients in Holly with the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of diseases. Whether you require a blood or urine test, or an x-ray, you can depend on our round-the-clock services and expert radiologists who will read your test results within an hour to help with diagnosis. In addition to the care and comfort we offer, the professionalism and convenience provided at Springfield Urgent Care has made us the first choice for patients in Holly. Here are the medical tests you can opt for at our center:



About Holly, MI

Holly is a village in the north Oakland County of Michigan. The village is entirely located in within the Holly Township and a very small portion of the village extends into the Rose Township. Holly is about 15 miles south of Flint and 55 miles northwest of Detroit. It is home to the Annual Holly Dickens Festival as well as the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Holly is also the starting point of the Shiawassee River Heritage Water Trail at WaterWorks Park. Crapo Park is a popular viewing location for railfans and located here.

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