Urgent care centers offer immediate care in case of an illness or injury that is not life threatening but requires immediate care. Springfield Urgent Care in Flint is one of the best urgent care centers in Michigan and offers the expertise and professionalism of an emergency room to a more comfortable environment than waiting in the hospital. We offer unparalleled, superior care and comfort through our registered nurses, paramedics and licensed radiology technicians. You can also get digital x rays and other medical tests which are read by a radiologist within one hour to help you with speedy and accurate diagnosis and detection.

The main aim of Springfield Urgent Care is providing our patients in Flint with a healthcare option that is affordable and effective and more convenient than a hospital or walk in clinic.

Medical Conditions

Our urgent care center in Flint offers treatment for various non-life-threatening medical conditions. You can get immediate and prompt care for several conditions like cough, cold, fever, migraine and headaches, allergies, insect bites and sexually transmitted diseases, among others. It is not possible to always wait for your appointment with the family doctor and we offer you the professionalism and care you need for prompt relief. You can choose a treatment for the following medical conditions:


Sports Injuries

When you suffer from a sports injury that does not require an emergency room right away, our team offers you the care and diagnosis required. We have expert trained staff that offers efficient test and digital x-rays to help you in case of a sprain, simple fracture, ingestion of a foreign material or minor burns. Patients in Flint are then referred to a hospital in case further treatment is required. Some of the injuries you can get treatment for at your center:



Occupational Medicine and Work Injuries

Our physicians are trained to help you with occupational medicine needs. The superior care we offer in the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries ensures you continue your employment without any problems. Our team remains up to date with all federal and state regulations for workforce safety and health and this includes updated information on the Department of Transportation or DoT. Employees in Flint can contact us for these work-related injuries or testing:



Medical testing

Our state-of-the-art medical tests help patients in Flint with the detection and diagnosis as well as monitoring of diseases. Whether you require an x-ray or blood and urine tests, you can rely on our round the clock services and expert radiologists who read your test results within an hour. In addition to care and comfort, the professionalism and convenience offered at Springfield Urgent Care has made us the first choice for patients in Flint. Here are the medical tests you can get at our center:



About Flint, MI

Flint is the largest city and seat of Genesee County of Michigan. It is located on the Flint River and at 66 miles from Detroit, it is one of the principal cities in the region known as Mid-Michigan. It is known for its interest in sports and it features the leagues including Michigan Rugby Football Union, Great Lakes Football League, ABA (basketball), Major Arena Soccer League, Ontario Hockey League, Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and Women’s American Basketball Association. In fact, local teacher Marcus Davenport chronicled the city’s ties to basketball and the basketball culture in his documentary “Flint Star: The Motion Picture”.

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