It can seem like your ailment or injury picks the most inopportune time, but there’s no need to worry if you can’t see your primary physician. Springfield Urgent Care can get you quick and comprehensive treatment if your condition doesn’t require a trip to the ER, and we can even provide testing services such as x-rays to ensure you’re getting the correct care.

Our friendly and helpful medical staff can answer your questions and get you back on your feet, all within the bounds of your busy schedule. Instead of waiting at the ER or waiting until your primary physician is available, you can check-in online and we can see you as soon as you need it. We offer urgent care to Independence Township residents for ease and convenience.

Medical Conditions in Independence Township

Sicknesses and ailments can be miserable, but we can get you fast relief and treatment if you feel you need medical attention. Along with our testing and lab services, we can diagnose you accurately and ensure your treatment is effective. We can treat the following conditions with the prescribed or hands-on treatment at Springfield Urgent Care:

Minor Injuries in Independence Township

Accidents or flare-ups can happen at any time, but you can get immediate care for non-serious injuries or painful conditions at Springfield Urgent Care. Our x-ray testing services can ensure you get the right treatment and pain management, and our knowledgeable medical professionals can give you care steps to take home. You don’t need to walk it off if you’re experiencing the following non-serious injuries or conditions:

Testing Services in Independence Township

Medical tests can be performed for many different reasons, including work, school, camp, or personal use. It can also be used for the first step in a treatment plan for your conditions, illnesses, or injuries. We offer state-of-the-art lab services with trained technicians to ensure your results are accurate, discreet, and timely. We offer the following tests when you’re unable to reach your primary physician:

About Independence Charter Township, Michigan

Independence Township is a small township with a lot to offer. It’s most known for the Pine Knob Ski Resort and the DTE Energy Music Theater, which offers many popular concerts throughout the summer and is one of the highest grossing outdoor amphitheaters in the country. Its earliest settlement was in the early 1800s by residents of the township in New Jersey of the same name. It has numerous parks, golf courses, and outdoor opportunities to keep its residents and visitors alike busy.

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