If you’ve ever needed medical treatment but have been unable to reach your regular physician, you might understand it can be frustrating when it seems like there are no options. If your condition isn’t severe enough for the ER, then Springfield Urgent Care can see you immediately to give physical or prescribed medical care.

Our state-of-the-art facilities can provide many testing and lab services, including x-rays for injuries and licensed medical technicians. Our comprehensive care services come with hometown convenience, and you can even check-in online while you wait. We provide urgent care services to Grand Blanc residents looking for a convenient but comforting place to receive health care.

Medical Conditions in Grand Blanc

If your minor illness or condition turns out to be more severe than you first thought, there’s no need to worry about your options. Our trained medical staff can diagnose and provide care for your condition when you need it. We provide treatment for the following conditions and ailments in order to get you back on your feet, all within your busy schedule:

Minor Injuries in Grand Blanc

There’s no need to walk it off if you’re unable to see your primary physician. Springfield Urgent Care can provide injury treatment and pain management for your minor conditions, as well as x-ray services to make sure you’ve got the right treatment. Sometimes, life happens, and we can help you with your minor injuries, including:

Testing Services in Grand Blanc

In order to give effective treatment, a test might be the first step. Our lab and testing services can provide accurate and helpful results to ensure we can get you the treatment you need. You might also require a test for school, camp, work, or personal use, and our friendly and professional physicians can make sure you have everything you need, including:

About Grand Blanc, Michigan

A small and pleasant suburb of Flint, Grand Blanc is devoted to education and community. It has history dating back to the early 1800s when it was first settled with residents who vastly improved the trail systems to Saginaw, later widening them into roads where it would later be known as the Dixie Highway.

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