Springfield Urgent Care Offers Glucose Testing for Patients in Clarkston, MI

Urgent Care Glucose Testing Clarksville MIMaintaining the proper levels of glucose, also known as blood sugar, is critical to your health and safety. Glucose is the main source of fuel for your brain, and most of the other cells in your body use it for energy as well. When the glucose levels in your blood are too high, the effects can range from temporary headaches and fatigue to far more serious health conditions, such as diabetes. If you have received a diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes, or you think you might be experiencing symptoms of high blood sugar, it’s important to have your blood tested. Depending on the results, you may need to seek medical treatment right away. Untreated diabetes can lead to heart problems, stroke, damage to the nerves and kidneys, and even to a diabetic coma.

It’s best to consult with your primary care doctor for a diagnosis and ongoing treatment of diabetes, and monitoring your glucose levels is likely to be part of your treatment plan. However, the caring medical professionals at Springfield Urgent Care understand that it may be difficult to schedule an appointment for glucose testing as often as necessary. Your doctor’s office may be closed in the evenings or on weekends when you’re off from work, or you may be visiting the Clarkston, Michigan, area far from your family doctor’s office. That’s why we’re pleased to offer glucose testing at our urgent care clinic with no appointment needed. For your convenience, we’re open for extended hours seven days a week.

How to Prepare for Glucose Testing at Springfield Urgent Care

It’s best to fast—avoiding consumption of any food and beverages—for at least eight hours before you report for glucose testing at our urgent care clinic. The fasting blood glucose test is the most common method for detecting high blood sugar. However, people who are experiencing serious symptoms of diabetes may be administered a non-fasting blood glucose test.

You’ll also want to be ready to tell our medical staff about any medications that you’re taking because some drugs can affect your blood sugar levels. If you’ve been advised by your primary care doctor to stop taking certain medications temporarily before you’re tested, you should adhere to those instructions.

You’re welcome to contact us at Springfield Urgent Care to discuss any preparations needed before you receive glucose testing at our walk-in clinic. We’ll also be happy to send your test results to your doctor’s office.

To learn more about our glucose testing and the many other convenient medical services we offer to residents of and visitors to the Clarkston area, contact Springfield Urgent Care today.

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