A Convenient Way to Get Your Annual Flu Shot if You’re in Clarkston, MI

Flu Shot Clarkston MINo one likes to be sick, and the symptoms caused by the influenza virus are among the most miserable an illness can inflict. If you’re like many of our patients at Springfield Urgent Care, that’s reason enough to get a flu shot every year. Getting a flu vaccine is one of the best ways to prevent contracting this highly contagious virus that most of us dread, and the Centers for Disease Control recommends that almost everyone, from infants and children to senior adults, get an annual flu shot.

If that’s not a good enough reason for you, consider that:

  • Studies indicate that U.S. workers miss more than 100 million workdays a year due to flu, costing employers billions of dollars in lost productivity
  • More than half of student absences in U.S. schools during January and February are attributed to flu, and many flu-stricken teachers take sick time as well, thus potentially affecting children’s progress in learning
  • Although most people contracting flu will recover within a week or two, thousands die each year due to flu-related complications

Flu Shots Available on Your Schedule

At Springfield Urgent Care, we’re committed to helping our patients in the Clarkston, Michigan, area receive convenient, competent health care. To that end, we offer flu shots at an affordable cost at our walk-in clinic with no appointment needed. We’re open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, and we offer an online check-in service so you can reserve your spot in line before you arrive. We also accept many insurance plans and forms of payment, thus making it easy to get your flu shot even if your doctor’s office is closed or you’re visiting our area from out of town.

Do you have questions about whether getting a flu shot is right for you? Contact the friendly staff at Springfield Urgent Care today and we’ll be happy to speak with you. You and your children can also receive high-quality medical care for flu and other respiratory illnesses at our clinic with no appointment needed.

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