Tips for Trips—on the Road or in the Air

Spring and summer are popular times for travel—whether it’s hitting the road or flying through the skies. If you are loading up the car, or packing a carry-on along with a checked bag, it is important to keep a few select items where they are easy to reach—it is helpful to have snacks, along with medicines and first aid items, easily accessible.

Just because the car or plane is moving doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Take regular rest stops, not only for restroom breaks, but also to stretch your legs. On a flight take a few moments to engage your muscles while seated by tapping your feet and stretching your calf muscles at regular intervals.

And remember to dress in layers; sunlight can warm part of the car, leave another in the shade and vehicle zone air conditioning can only do so much in a small space.  Layers are important on planes, as cabins cool down during flights and a sweater or jacket from home is preferrable to an airline blanket.