In case you or a loved one falls ill, you will need immediate care wherever you can. An urgent care center works faster than a hospital and it is more advanced than a walk-in clinic. Springfield Urgent Care in Pontiac is one of the best urgent care centers which brings the expertise and professionalism of an emergency room to a more comfortable environment. Not every urgent care can offer the superior care and comfort that our registered nurses, paramedics and licensed radiology technicians provide. If you are with us for an x-ray, you can be assured that the staff medical provider will read it right away and a radiologist will do so within the hour.

Our aim remains offering patients in Pontiac an affordable healthcare option that is more convenient than a hospital and more effective than a clinic.

Medical Conditions

There are numerous non-life-threatening medical conditions for which you can visit our urgent care center. We provide prompt and immediate care for many conditions like cold, cough, fever, allergies, migraine, rash, insect bite, urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases. When your condition is not serious enough to go to the emergency room but still require immediate care that cannot wait for an appointment with the family doctor, we step in to offer you the required relief. Patients in Pontiac can get treatment for the following medical conditions:



Sports Injuries

Every time you have a sports injury, it is not possible to get to an emergency room; mostly, it is not even required. All your requirements like x-rays and tests can be performed more efficiently and expertly by our trained staff that is available round the clock. Any sprains, simple fractures, minor burns and ingestion of foreign body are dealt with conveniently at our center. Patients in Pontiac can then be referred to a hospital if there is any need. Here are the injuries for which you can seek treatment at our center:



Occupational Medicine and Work Injuries

Our team also consists of physicians who are trained in occupational medicine and provide superior care in diagnosing and treating work related injuries. They are up to date on state and federal regulations for workforce health and safety including DOT or Department of Transportation. If you are in employee in Pontiac, you can contact us for the following work injury related treatments:



Medical Testing

Patients in Pontiac can also visit us for accurate and prompt medical tests that help detect, diagnose and monitor diseases. We also offer state of the art digital x rays which are read by a radiologist within an hour for your convenience. If you are looking for a medical test, you can choose from the following:



About Pontiac, MI

Pontiac is a city located in the Metro Detroit in the state of Michigan. It is the county seat of Oakland County and is situated about 12 miles north and slightly west of the Detroit city limits. The city was earlier known for its Arts, Beats and Eats festival which later moved to nearby Royal Oaks. The first Annual Scheme Cruise was held in 2015 which combines rap battles, basketball competitions and a car show. Pontiac also participates in the annual Woodward Dream Cruise which sees a parade of cars that stretch from Detroit to Pontiac. It is also home to the Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial located off Telegraph Road.

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