Urgent care centers provide immediate care when you or a loved one suffer from an illness or injury that is not life threatening and does not require you to visit an emergency room. However, these conditions are still urgent enough to require immediate care and cannot wait for an appointment with your family doctor or physician. Springfield Urgent Care in Fenton is one of the best urgent care centers in Michigan, bringing you the same professionalism and experience as that of an emergency room but in a convenient and comfortable environment. The superior care and expertise offered by our registered nurses and radiologists is unparalleled at any other urgent care center. We help you with speedy detection, accurate diagnosis, and round-the-clock radiologists to help with your tests and x-rays.

We pride ourselves in offering patients in Fenton with a healthcare option that is more affordable than an emergency room and more convenient than a walk-in clinic.

Medical Conditions

Springfield Urgent Care in Fenton offers patients treatments for a number of non life-threatening medical conditions. You can meet our expert doctors and staff if you suffer from conditions like insect bites, cold, fever, migraine, or allergies. It is not always possible to wait for an appointment with your regular doctor and this is when our experienced staff steps in to take quality care of you. Here are the medical conditions for which you can get treatment with us:


Sports Injuries

Those suffering from a sports injury which is not serious enough to rush to an emergency room can get immediate relief at our urgent care center. We offer accurate and speedy diagnosis with our efficient tests and x-rays in case you have a simple fracture, sprain, minor burn, or ingestion of a foreign material. The injuries you can get treatment for at our center include:



Occupational Medicine and Work Injuries

Our expert physicians are trained to help you with all your occupational medicine needs. The superior, quality care we offer for the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries makes sure you continue in your employment without any issues. We remain up-to-date with all the required state and federal regulations for workforce safety and health. We also stay up-to-date with regulations of the Department of Transportation, or DoT. Employees in Fenton can get in touch with us for these tests or work-related injuries:



Medical Testing

We offer the latest and most advanced medical tests in order to help our patients in Fenton for the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of any diseases. You can opt for a blood test, urinalysis, or digital x-ray at our center, and our round-the-clock radiologists ensure that you get accurate and speedy diagnosis. The professionalism and convenience offered at our urgent care center has made us the first choice for patients in Fenton. You can choose these medical tests at our center:



About Fenton, MI

Fenton is a city in Michigan which lies mostly in the Genesee County, and small portions of it lie in the neighboring Oakland and Livingston Counties. The city includes many historical buildings. It was also home to the first aviation school in Michigan and the A.J. Phillips Fenton Museum.

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