Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment for COVID-19 Available in White Lake, MI

Close-up of IV drip for patient Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Springfield Urgent Care has been at the forefront of providing the medical services our community needs to combat the highly contagious virus that causes COVID-19. In addition to COVID-19 vaccines and a variety of testing options, we offer monoclonal antibody infusion treatment to eligible patients at our urgent care location in White Lake, Michigan.

What Are Monoclonal Antibodies?

Also known as mAbs, monoclonal antibodies are similar to the antibodies that the body makes to fight infection. However, they are made in a laboratory and tailored to target a particular type of infection—in this case, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Generally, monoclonal antibodies are administered by IV to patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment vs. a COVID-19 Vaccine

A COVID-19 vaccination is designed to prevent an infection by prompting your body’s immune system to produce natural antibodies to combat the virus. Studies are ongoing to determine whether monoclonal antibodies can also be used to prevent a COVID-19 infection. At this time, though, monoclonal antibody infusions are authorized only as treatments for those who already have an infection.

Things to Know Before Seeking COVID-19 Treatment

Patients who are age 12 or older and have proof of a recent positive COVID-19 test may be eligible to receive this coronavirus treatment at Springfield Urgent Care. Our White Lake clinic is also equipped to provide same-day COVID-19 testing for walk-in patients who suspect they’ve been infected but have not yet been tested. However, monoclonal antibody treatment is available only by appointment—call (248) 942-5888, option 5, to schedule your visit.

To be effective, monoclonal antibody infusion therapy must be administered within the first 10 days of experiencing the symptoms of a coronavirus infection.

Additionally, we follow state and federal guidelines for offering monoclonal antibody treatment, and those guidelines can change over time depending on what COVID-19 variant is prevalent at any given time. Therefore, if you are interested in receiving this coronavirus treatment at Springfield Urgent Care in White Lake, make sure you call ahead to find out whether we have the appropriate treatment in stock. Contact us today if you have questions.

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