Looking for an Urgent Care Clinic With X-Ray Equipment in Saline, MI?

Certified physician assistant in background looking at x-ray on a computer monitor while another medical professional in scrubs in foreground looks onSpringfield Urgent Care in Saline, Michigan, is fully equipped to provide same-day treatment for a wide variety of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Our in-house X-ray capabilities help our certified medical practitioners provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans for walk-in patients of all ages. If you’re in the Saline area and you’d like to visit an urgent care center with X-ray services, you can stop by our walk-in clinic any day of the week. We’re open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, including Saturday and Sunday.

Why Choose an Urgent Care Clinic With X-Rays?

Highly qualified and well-trained medical professionals like those at Springfield Urgent Care can often tell a fracture from a sprain without using imaging equipment, but X-ray scans offer the best way to diagnose many common injuries. X-rays can also reveal the presence of tumors or pneumonia.

Not all walk-in urgent care clinics have X-ray equipment on site, which means their patients may have to make an additional visit to an imaging provider to get an accurate diagnosis of their health condition. At Springfield Urgent Care, we strive to make medical services as convenient as possible for our patients in and around Saline. That’s why our clinic houses not only X-ray equipment but also a medical testing lab, so we can help our patients get the diagnosis and treatment they need, all in the same visit.

Additionally, local employers appreciate having an urgent care clinic with X-ray capabilities nearby so that on-the-job injuries can be quickly assessed and treated.

Contact us today if you have questions, or simply stop by Springfield Urgent Care in Saline whenever you need nonemergency medical services fast. Our wait times are short, and we accept many health insurance plans.

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