Walk-In Treatment for Workers’ Comp Injuries Available in Saline, MI

Young female practitioner in scrubs with stethoscope bandages the hand, wrist and arm of male patient.Accidents and injuries can happen while you’re on the job, just as they can when you’re at home, running errands, or getting exercise. However, an employee who incurs a workplace injury may be entitled to assistance through the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan. For this reason, workers’ comp injuries should be promptly evaluated by highly qualified medical practitioners like those at Springfield Urgent Care’s walk-in clinic in Saline, Michigan.

We can provide fast evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries with no appointment required, and we’re open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, including weekends. Our wait times are short, but patients are welcome to use our online booking service to save their spot in line.

Why Seek Treatment for Workers’ Comp Injuries at Springfield Urgent Care?

Our physician-led team of experienced medical practitioners has access to on-site digital X-ray equipment and other tools that can help provide an accurate diagnosis right away. This means we can promptly provide employers with documentation of any on-the-job injury and an evaluation that includes:

  • The diagnosis and extent of the injury, as well as initial treatment
  • The employee’s fitness to perform his or her job duties
  • A timeframe for the employee to return to work with or without restrictions

Additionally, once an injured employee has been deemed eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, we can provide ongoing workers’ comp management services. These typically include treatment plans, follow-up examinations, and reporting services on the employee’s progress toward recovery.

Our workers’ comp injury treatment is part of our robust slate of occupational health services, including lab testing, COVID-19 testing, DOT physicals, employment physicals, and many others—all available on a walk-in basis at our urgent care clinic in Saline.

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