Employee physicals are often required for jobs whose function relies on the health of the individual. If you need an employee physical for your job, Springfield Urgent Care offers these physicals along with a variety of other occupational testing for your convenience. Employee physicals help employers to determine if a prospective employee has the ability to adequately perform a job.

What is the Employee Physical Process?

Many jobs that have a physical or manual labor aspect require some sort of testing to evaluate your ability to perform physical tasks. Once an individual receives a job offer and the offer is accepted, the employer will provide orders or paperwork indicating the testing needed before starting employment.  The employee physical will only screen for skills pertinent to the position that was accepted by the employee. This physical is meant to evaluate your current physical abilities and health, while also protecting you from potential job-related injuries.

This physical is strictly intended to evaluate your physical abilities for your safety and establishing limits for your safety.  This is particularly helpful for employers better understand their employee’s different physical proficiencies and requirements.

What to Expect with Employer Physicals

Once you have received your occupational testing orders, you can come to Springfield urgent care for quick and convenient testing. During the employee physical, you will be instructed to complete different physical tasks related to your specific occupation and job requirements. Often these tasks include lifting a certain amount of weight. If you do in fact become injured on the job, your employer may require a physical to return to work.

If you live in the Springfield Township area and need to complete an employee physical for a new position, contact our office today to learn more about setting up your physical.

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