Digital X-Rays are a newer development in radiography in which digital technology is used instead of traditional photographic film. In the past when photographic film was used, developing the images involved a lengthy chemical process. Here at Springfield Urgent Care, we offer you quick and accurate results using a newer and more accurate digital imaging.

Why Choose Digital Imaging?

The benefits of choosing a medical facility that uses digital imaging for x-rays is important for quick results. Having long wait times for image developing in older x-rays will only further delay proper treatment. Thanks to this new technological advance, the use of digital images reduces the majority of radiation exposure.

What is Digital X-ray Used For?

Digital x-ray is used to see inside the body to see damage or any irregularities. Just like traditional x-ray’s, the x-ray tech will prepare you for the images by carefully positioning properly either on a table or a chair depending on the area being examined. Once prepared, our tech will begin taking pictures of the injured area.

If you have an injury and are in need of an x-ray, come on into Springfield Urgent Care today for quick, comprehensive care conveniently located in Springfield Township.

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